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Home as Headquarters: How Covid-19 Renews Interior Design Priorities

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How the pandemic is affecting Interior Design priorities  

“Stay-at-home, Work-from-home, School-from-home”. These concepts have powerful new meanings in the age of rolling quarantines and shifting social priorities. Resultingly, they are impacting our lives in ways not imagined before.

While few enjoy the notion of quarantine, it has influenced many to create new Interior Design priorities.  Essential design concepts like functionality, livability, and aesthetics suddenly take on dramatic and new interpretations.

Interior Design and “Dynamic Reprioritization”  

Historic periods of vast social change are typically followed by major adjustments in the priorities of a civilization. They can impact life for years to come, perhaps generations.

“Dynamic reprioritization” means these changes evolve quickly and at scale – even affecting interior design priorities. The interior designer you choose for your project should be capable of responding to the new priorities of society.

New priorities for “Home as Headquarters”

  • Staying Creative: Inspired aesthetic for the homeowners mind and soul
  • Stay Connected: Invite the views and sunlight in
  • Stay Clean: Surfaces that are beautiful yet easy to cleanse and care for 
  • Stay Productive: Work, Study, and Zoom spaces that perform with unique personalization

Now is the time to define, interpret, and create your own personal home headquarters. “Align with design” to express your specific lifestyle while creating your own home nirvana. 

“Great interior designers thrive in challenging times of change like this. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of my best, most inspired work happens in the next couple of years.”  (Esther Boivin)

CREDITS: Photos courtesy of Esther Boivin Interiors (ASID Award-winning interior designer); and Phoenix Home and Garden magazine. Special thanks to the Clark family. 

Home as Headquarters: Clean, airy, open, and aesthetically personalized
Home as Headquarters: Bath and spa spaces that simplify personal care
Esther Boivin Interiors Scottsdale
Home as Headquarters: Interior design with open social spaces

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